Resources for Teachers

If you are wanting someone to brainstorm with or needing some ideas, please request a time to meet. And if you want to schedule a time outside of what might be available, please let me know. (

Favorite Places to Go for Ideas

  • Youcubed – I am sharing the newsletter site because they are sharing ideas of ways to do math at home.
  • Games for Young Minds – This site has great ideas for games and extensions of them for preK and up. If you teach primary, I recommend signing up for the newsletter.
  • Math Equals Love – No matter what grade level, check out the puzzles Sarah has. For high school, she has a lot of creative ideas to engage students.
  • Math for Love – Lots of resources that support mathematical thinking for all grade levels. You can find games, puzzles, curriculum, and other websites.

Resources for Online Teaching

  • Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler – Alice provides ideas for ways to use Google Classroom that engages students. She shares resources that you can modify to make work for your situation.
  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy is providing resources to help teachers and families with this transition to online learning. They provide a suggested schedule for students based on different grade levels.
  • CK12 – There are different resources for different grade levels that you can customize for your class.

Favorite Places for Students

  • SolveMe Puzzles – There are 3 kinds of puzzles on this site – mobiles, who am I, and mystery grid. In mobiles, you are trying to find the value of different shapes. In who am I, you are trying to figure out what the number is based on different clues. In mystery grid, you are trying to figure out where numbers go in the grid based on certain rules – like Sudoko.
  • Desmos – Desmos has interactive activities that you could have students do.

Other Resources

  • Games – Here’s a list of games to help support learning math and math facts. It is a work in progress so any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.
  • More Games – Here’s more games to help support math fluency that are aligned to standards from North Carolina.
  • Easy Math Games to Build Number Sense – You can find a variety of games that range from preK to middle school using cards, dice, and dominos. The directions for these games is intended for parents.

Contact me if you are needing something more…