5 x 5 Game from Sara Van Der Werf – Day 6

The 5 x 5 game from Sara Van Der Werf is great for any age. Using cards, student place numbers on a 5 x 5 grid. When numbers are adjacent, they can count those numbers for their score. Numbers can be adjacent either vertically or horizontally. The goal of the game is to get the highest total points. To see a better explanation of the rules, you can find them here.

Every time that students have played this game, it takes at least two attempts before they start to strategize where to put the numbers. And students of all ages enjoy playing it.

Here’s where you can find the game board.

What grade level? 2nd grade and up

Where’s the math? The math in the 5 x 5 game involves knowing at least doubles of 1 to 10 and where you want to strategically place the numbers to earn the most points. Students learn to make sense of problems and persevere to solve them. They also look for and make use of structure with the way the game works.

Distance delivery options

  • You could play online and then have students share their scores in the chat box.
  • You could send this home in a packet for the student to do with their family.
  • You could give students numbers and have them place them in two different ways. They could share their two different ways in a post and explain why one board had a higher score than the other.
  • What other ways could you adapt this game?

What did you think of this game? Leave me a note and let me know what you think.


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